Who Should Apply - For International Applicants Only

**This information DOES NOT APPLY to domestic applicants.

Welcome to the graduate program in the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before you proceed with the application process, we want to inform you of our admission requirements.

International applicants who are applying for financial aid must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test, the GRE Physics Subject Test, and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). These scores must be received in our office by December 15. You must receive a minimum score of 580 (paper-based), 237 (computer-based), or 92 (internet based) on the TOEFL exam to be considered for financial aid in our graduate program.

If you are offered a teaching assistantship, you will be required to participate in our mandatory 6-week summer orientation program whether you are currently in a U.S. institution or not. Near the end of the orientation program, you will take the SPEAK test. This is the institutional version of the Test of Spoken English (TSE). The SPEAK test is intended to measure a candidate's ability to speak comprehensible English. The scores range from 20-60. You must score at least 45 or financial aid will be withdrawn. If you score 45, you may perform instructional duties only if you are also enrolled in an English as a Second Language course. Students with scores of 50 or higher may teach with no further English testing requirements.

The amount of financial aid we can offer is limited, and the level of competition is high.

An application fee MUST accompany the application forms. Neither the Physics Department nor the Graduate School can waive this requirement under any circumstances. Applications without the fee will NOT be processed. All international students who will begin their program in the fall term are required to participate in a six-week summer orientation program. Therefore, international students must officially apply for the SUMMER term instead of the fall term.

After reading this letter, if you wish to apply, you may do so here: https://grad.wisc.edu/apply/.

©2013 Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System