Graduate Financial Support

Financial Support for Graduate Students in Physics 

Graduate work may commence at the beginning of the fall, spring or summer term, though the department will consider an application for financial support to begin graduate work in the summer and fall only. Most students begin graduate work in the fall semester, and applications for financial support should be started during the previous fall.  

A select number of incoming students begin their graduate career with a fellowship, either via external fellowships or supplemental fellowship support through the department or the University. Graduate students are often first appointed as a teaching assistant. Teaching assistants assist faculty members in the introductory physics courses, generally by teaching discussion and laboratory sections. Some students are appointed as research assistants. In many research areas in the Department, students are supported as research assistants for the majority of their years in the program.

Students in the M.S.-Physics-Quantum Computing program cannot accept research assistantships, teaching assistantships, project assistantships or other university appointments that grant waivers of tuition and/or academic fees.

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