LaTeX Formats for UW Thesis Writing

Many people write their thesis in LaTeX, a common typesetting package for math and physics. At UW there is no "standard" LaTeX template to use. The requirements for margins, page numbering and general layout of your thesis document are strict. Below is a collection of LaTeX style and class files which might help you properly format your thesis. Other students who have graduated before you have written their theses in LaTeX and have permitted us to collect their style files and skeletons of their actual theses. These formats will only work in LaTeX. If you have a style or template file for another word processing package, consider donating it to this archive! Each directory has a README file which describes the files and how they are structured. The formats may also require you to have other LaTeX components (for example epsf.sty, which allows you to put Encapsulated Postscript figures in your thesis). Those requirements are also listed in README. You should look at each directory and find the LaTeX styles best suited to your needs. Individual files may be downloaded for use.

Sample Theses:

Paul Feng (Physics, 1996) (pfthesis) John Jacobsen (Physics, 1996) (jjthesis) Benjamin E.C. Koltenbah (Physics, 1996) (bkthesis) Steve Tufte (Astronomy, 1996) (stthesis)

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