Spring 2013 Course Reference Pages

Physics 103: General Physics (Herndon) Physics 104: General Physics (Smith & Gilbert) Physics 107: The Ideas of Modern Physics (Himpsel) Physics 109: Physics in the Arts (Balantekin & Perkins) Physics 115: Energy (TBD) Physics 201: General Physics (Pan) Physics 202: General Physics (Hokin) Physics 205: Modern Physics for Engineers (Lin) Physics 207: General Physics (Timbie) Physics 208: General Physics (Rzchowski) Physics 241: Introduction to Modern Physics (Onellion) Physics 248: A Modern Introduction to Physics (Carlsmith & Winokur) Physics 265: Introduction to Medical Physics (Wakai) Physics 301: Physics Today (Smith) Physics 308: Intermediate Laboratory-Electromagnetic Fields and Optics (Lawler) Physics 311: Mechanics (Chubukov) Physics 322: Electromagnetic Fields (Forest) Physics 325: Wave Motion and Optics (McCammon) Physics 371: Acoustics for Musicians (Terry) Physics 407: Advanced Laboratory (McDermott & Maruyama) Physics 415: Thermal Physics (Eriksson) Physics 472: Scientific Background to Global Environmental Problems (TBD) Physics 449: Atomic and Quantum Physics (Walker) Physics 507: Graduate Laboratory (McDermott & Maruyama) Physics 525: Introduction to Plasmas (Wendt) Physics 527: Plasma Confinement and Heating (Hegna) Physics 531: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Bai) Physics 535: Introduction to Particle Physics (Dasu) Physics 546: Lasers (TBD) Physics 551: Solid State Physics (Vavilov) Physics 603: Workshop in College Physics Teaching (Forest) Physics 625: Applied Optics (Saffman)
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