Physics Department Awards Archive

Generous contributions from donors to the Physics Department funds have made it possible to recognize outstanding people with awards, scholarships, and fellowships. Follow the links below to see the record of our annual awards banquet.


2018-2019 Greg Piefer, Ted Strait

2017-2018 Janet Seger, Michael Zarnstorff

2016-2017 Barbara Wilson, Ray Fonck

2015-2016  Howie Baer, Siu Au Lee, Stephan Meyer

2014-2015  Mark Devlin, Mark Pederson, Tim Stelzer

2013-2014  Roger Stuewer

2012-2013  David Fahey, Lloyd Hackel

2011-2012  Eric Braaten, Allen Caldwell, Gary Hill, Ronald Lockwood

2010-2011  Thomas R. O'Brian

2009-2010  Greg Jaczko, Steven Vigdor

2008-2009  The Honorable Bill Foster, John Wiley, Phyllis Fleming

2007-2008  William Jury, Paul Kaesberg, Wesley Traub

2006-2007  W. Paul Menzel, Stephen L. Olsen, Michael Witherell

2005-2006  Daniel Freedman, Tom Holley, Tom Weller

2004-2005  Arthur Hundhausen, Jay Davis

2003-2004  Anne Kinney

2002-2003  J. Anthony Tyson, John Lynch

2001-2002  Dale Meade, Jeff & Lily Chen

2000-2001  Fay Ajzenberg-Selove

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