Biophysics and Condensed Matter: Research

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Robert Blick Professor Nanomechanical systems Mark Eriksson Professor Nanoscale electronic systems, quantum computing Chang-Beom Eom Professor Oxide thin film heterostructures, magnetic, ferroelectric Pupa Gilbert Professor Nanobiology, biomineralization, synchrotron spectroscopy studies Franz Himpsel Professor Nanostructures at surfaces (one-dimensional, biological), solar cells, synchrotron radiation Max Lagally Professor Scanning probe, quantum computing Robert McDermott Asst. Prof Quantum computing, Josephson junctions, ultra-low mag fields Marshall Onellion Professor Femtosecond dynamics, synchrotron studies Mark Rzchowski Professor Nanoscale magnetic heterostructures, superconductivity Kalin Vetsigian Asst. Prof. Evolution of interactions and emergent behavior in complex microbial communities Michael Winokur Professor Polymer photophysics and structure   


Lou Bruch Professor Physical adsorbtion, molecular scattering from surfaces Andrey Chubukov Professor Strongly-correlated systems Susan Coppersmith Professor Quantum computing, biological systems, complex systems Dave Huber Professor Optical and magnetic properties of solids Robert Joynt Professor Strongly correlated systems, quantum computing Natalia Perkins Asst. Prof. Strongly-correlated electron systems and magnetism Maxim Vavilov Asst. Prof. Low-dimensional systems
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