UW-Physics Email Settings

These instructions applly to physics.wisc.edu email accounts. For hep.wisc.edu accounts, go here.

Email Address: yourlogin@physics.wisc.edu
Server Type: IMAP
Server Name: mail.physics.wisc.edu
User Name: yourlogin
IMAP Port: 993

Outgoing Server Name: mail.physics.wisc.edu
Outgoing Server Port: 587
Outgoing Server Type: TLS (SSL)
Outgoing Server Auth: Password

For security reasons, you are required to use encryption (SSL) accessing email (IMAP) and sending outgoing email (SMTP).  For IMAP, set the port to "993" and click on the "Use SSL" or "Use secure connection (SSL)" check box.  For outgoing mail (SMTP), click on the "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)" check box or the "TLS" radio button under "Use secure connection:" and make sure the port is set to "587".  Some email clients have a setting to automatically choose the SMTP port.  This can lead to erratic behavior.  It is better to specifically select port 587.

There are also specific instructions for setting up Thunderbird available.

For web mail, use https://mail.physics.wisc.edu.

Please do not hesitate to contact help@physics.wisc.edu if you have any questions about these parameters. Note that you must send mail from a .edu, cern.ch, or desy.demail account.

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