Instructions for Setting Up Thunderbird at UW-Physics

For a new account, start by opening Thunderbird and using the new account wizard:


You might get a pop up that looks similar to the one below. Skip it to use your existing physics email.


Enter your name for the account, then use your real email account name and password:


The email client should automatically configure the email sever settings:


If the settings were not automatically found, you must manually configure them yourself. These are the steps to do so.

Physics has only IMAP accounts, not POP.  A few of these settings need to be changed:

  • Click "Manual config" to begin changing these settings.
  • The server hostname for the incoming server must be changed to
  • The server hostname for the outgoing server must be changed to
  • Change the encryption for the incoming server to SSL/TLS, and use port 993.
  • Change the port of the outgoing server to 587 for use with STARTTLS encryption.

Once you are finished changing your settings, check them against this sample:

Click Done. Send yourself a message and check your mail.

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