Presentation feedback form

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1.  Describe specifically the main points of the talk.

For the remaining questions, in addition to your comments,
circle one of [O E G F P] = [Outstanding Excellent Good Fair Poor]

2.  [O E G F P]   Quality of talk.   Was the science content appropriate for the audience?  Was the content clearly explained?  Did the content support the conclusion?

3.  [O E G F P]   Organization of the material.   Was the context described?  Was the introduction clear?  Were the points cleanly developed into a clear argument?  Was there a concise summary?  Was the take-home message delivered?

4.  [O E G F P]   Clarity of visual aids.   For example, were all the main points on the viewgraphs?  Were the figures clear and useful or irrelevant to the take-home message?

5.  [O E G F P]   Quality of presentation.   Did the speaker sustain your interest?  Did the speaker speak clearly and with style?  Did the speaker maintain eye contact?  Did the speaker have annoying mannerisms?

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