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Quantum Mechanics I

Physics 731-Fall 2013

Homework Assignments

Assignment #1.    Due:  Friday, September 20, 5 PM.      (Solutions)

Assignment #2.    Due:  Friday, September 27, 5 PM.      (Solutions)

Assignment #3.    Due:  Friday, October 4, 5 PM.            (Solutions)

Assignment #4.    Due:  Friday, October 18, 5 PM.          (Solutions)

Assignment #5.    Due:  Friday, November 1, 5 PM.        (Solutions)

Assignment #6.    Due:  Friday, November 8, 5 PM, in Professor Everett's mailbox.     (Solutions)

Assignment #7.    Due:  Friday, December 6, 5 PM.           (Solutions)

Assignment #8.    Due: Wednesday, December 11, 5 PM.   (Solutions)

Note:  The assignments will be updated as needed if typos are found (please let me know if you find any).   Please be sure to refresh your browser as needed to ensure you are looking at the most recent version.

Notation:  As there are two editions of our course text, the problems from the text will be written out and will be labeled as S1r (for the 1st Ed., Revised) and S2 (for the 2nd Ed.). Occasionally these problems will be modified from their original form in terms of what you have to calculate or what method you have to use to solve the problem, in which case they will be labeled as "modified."

Handing it in:   To hand in your homework, please leave your solutions (hard copies) in the departmental mailbox of our course grader, Robert Siller, unless otherwise indicated.  The departmental mailboxes are on the 2nd floor of Chamberlin Hall, across from the main office.   Homework sent via email will not be accepted unless there is prior approval from Prof. Everett.

Late homework will not be accepted!   The only exceptions may be in cases of genuine emergencies. Such situations must be discussed individually with Prof. Everett.   If you do miss an assignment, it is recomended that you complete it and hand it in to Prof. Everett directly before the end of the term.  Missed assignments will not be graded, but your effort will be noted in the final grade determination.

Please show your work clearly.  If it is not possible for the grader to follow your solution because of presentation issues, your solution may be marked wrong.  To avoid this, follow these general guidelines:

  • Use 8.5 x 11" paper: no small notebook paper or jagged edges
  • Staple 
  • Do not write on the backs of pages
  • Box your final answers
  • Be sure to show your work neatly (either don't use pen, or recopy).

These guidelines hold also if you want to submit your homework in MSWord, LaTeX, pdf, postscript, or another computer generated format, such as a Mathematica notebook file.   A failure to follow these guidelines may result in points deducted from your total score on the assignment in question.  The number of points deducted will be at the discretion of the grader.

Scoring:  Homework will be graded out of 5 points per problem, with 5=perfect, 4=good effort, 2=some effort, 1=little effort, and 0=no effort.

Grading questions: All questions about homework grades must be directed to Prof. Everett, who will consult with the grader if needed.



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