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Quantum Mechanics I

Physics 731-Fall 2013

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes 1

Lecture Notes 2    (updated 9/13/13)

Lecture Notes 3    (updated 9/23/13)

Lecture Notes 4    (updated 10/4/13)

Lecture Notes 5    (updated 10/23/13)  

Lecture Notes 6    (updated 11/18/13)     

 Lecture Notes 7    (updated 11/27/13)

Lecture Notes 8     (updated 12/8/13)

 Note:  In addition to regular updates as more material is covered, the lecture notes will be updated as needed if mistakes/typos are found (please let me know if you find any!).   Be sure to refresh your browser as needed to ensure you are looking at the most recent version.



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