The UW Physics Department awarded its first PhD in 1899. Since then our students have earned degrees in virtually every area of physics, and our faculty have played key roles in a myriad of important research efforts.

IceCube Detects High-energy Cosmic Neutrinos - 2013-11-21

The HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory begins operations at the Sierra Negra volcano in Puebla, Mexico - 2013-08-23

A 2D array of up to 49 atomic qubits is being used for entanglement and quantum computing experiments. - 2014-05-01

IceCube awarded the 2013 Breakthrough of the Year - 2013-12-12

CMS Upgrades approved - 2014-08-07

On June 16, 2011, workers at Portage Casting and Mold Inc. in Portage, Wis., assemble a five-section-mold needed for the main vacuum vessel of the Plasma Dynamo Facility at UW-Madison. - 2013-12-11

Launch of an X-ray astrophysics experiment from White Sands, N.M. The novel detectors are cooled within .05° of absolute zero – the lowest temp yet in space. - 2013-11-02

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