Fluid Mechanics

Above is a slide show of all of our Fluid Mechanics equipment and how it is stored. Click on any photo above to open it's index. We have at least 134 demonstrations within fluid mechanics alone.

Below are PIRA tables of fluid mechanics demonstrations with abstracts. There are around 234 demonstrations that are listed in these tables below, of which around 119 are grayed out. Which means that we "do not have" that demonstration. However it look cool and it maybe usefully to acquire it at sometime if it is requested enough.

Please note that we do have several demonstrations that are not currently listed within these PIRA tables below and are being added in over time.

Again, the grayed out demonstrations we do not currently have within the UW-Physics Department. However, feel free to lets us know that you would like sad demo by filling out our Feedback form.


Fluid Mechanics (FM)

2A-Surface Tension

2B-Statics of Fluids 2C-Dynamics of Fluids


  FM-Equipment List


Fluid Mechanics Cabinets


Click on any "Bay" link below to see the corresponding equipment within that cabinet bay with links to demonstrations.


Top T10

Top T9

Top T8

Top T7

Top T6

Top T5

Top T4

Top T3

Top T2

Top T1


Cubby C10

Cubby C9

Cubby C8

Cubby C7

Cubby C6

Cubby C5

Cubby C4

Cubby C3

Cubby C2

Cubby C1


MT Bay A8

Bay A7

Bay A6

Bay A5

Bay A4

Bay A3

Bay A2

Bay A1



MT Bay B8

Bay B7

Bay 6

Bay B5

Bay B4

Bay B3

Bay B2

Bay B1



Floor Items - coming


Demonstration Classification Scheme

Example: 1D60.10.a Howitzer and Tunnel (another name, Ballistic Cart and Bridge)








(motion in two dimensions)



(projectile motion)



(Howitzer and Tunnel)

For more info Click DCS



UW-Madison addition for multiple units, (a, b, c, ...)





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