Mechanics Floor Items

Floor Items: South Wall Area



A. Catch Cart for Ring, Disc, and Sphere, 1Q10.30

B. Incline Plane for Ring, Disc, and Sphere, 1Q10.30

C. Computer Cart

D. Rolling Chain Loop

E. Vacuum Pump

F. Physical Pendulum

G. Adjustable Wheel and Axle


G. Adjustable Wheel and Axle

H. Fixed Wheel and Axle

I. Force Board

J. 3m Incline Plane

K. 2.25m Air Track and Air Hoses


Floor Items: North Wall


A. Al Pasco Tracks

E. Curved Pendulum

B. Adjustable Incline Plane

F. CO2 cylinders

C. Air Tables

G. Bed of Nails, 1K30.10

D. Geyser

H. CO2 Tricycle

Floor Items: East Wall




A. Globe

B. Pool Table

C. Torque Board

D. Ellipse Board

E. Pulley Board

F. Liquid Nitrogen Cannon 1H11.30

G. Hooke's Law Spring


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