UW-Physics Applications Support

The UW-Physics IT staff recommends and supports the following software...

For reading PDF files: Acrobat

For high throughput batch computing: Condor

For browsing the web: FireFox

For compiling C, C++ and Fortran code: GNU Compilers

For data acquisition and instrument automation: LabVIEW

For numerical and symbolic computations: Mathematica
(The Department license server is mathlm.physics.wisc.edu.)

For remote logins and file copying on Linux and MacOS-X: OpenSSH

For remote logins on Windows: SecureCRT

For reading email: Thunderbird

For remote file copying on Windows: WinSCP

Please contact help@physics.wisc.edu for further assistance. Note that you must send mail from a .edu, cern.ch, or desy.de mail account.

Software available from UW-Physics:

MS Windows and Office (for University owned computers)

Adobe Creative Cloud (for University owned computers)

UW Campus Software Library, including free licenses for software such as

  • Labview
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • Maple


Free software links at DoIT

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