Physics Learning Center: Apply

The Physics Learning Center (PLC) has an application process to help determine which PLC resources best fit your needs.  The application process includes filling out a form, speaking with PLC staff to learn what the PLC is about, and participating in a short interview.  PLC resources are limited so it is best to contact us early in the semester.

If you are interested in joining the PLC, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the 2-page application form (download below or get a printed copy from 2377/2338 Chamberlin). It includes filling out a schedule for your classes and work.
  2. Submit the application by completing and bringing the application form to our office or attaching it to an email (, please include in the subject line the physics course number you are in).
  3. Schedule a time for an overview and short interview. 

PLC Application

  • Download (right click) and save the PLC application before filling it out.  
  • Submit the completed form via email or print it.  If printing or submitting as a PDF, please fit to two pages.
  • There are also printed PLC applications located in the PLC room.


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