Physics Learning Center Staff

Susan Nossal

Program Director 608.262.9107 Susan started the Physics Learning Center about ten years ago, modeled after the Chemistry Learning Center. Susan also conducts atmospheric physics research.

Larry Watson

608.890.0767 Larry joined the Physics Learning Center in 2005 and has a background in Physics Education Research from Montana State University. He likes to ski, backpack, bike, fly fish, and travel out west.

Amihan Huesmann

608.890.0767 Amihan returns to the PLC after stints as a professor at Gustavus Adolphus College and an academic advisor for science and pre-health students at the University of Minnesota. Her PhD research was on atmospheric fluid dynamics, so she tells her students that her dissertation was all about solving Newton's second law for a stratified, rotating, spherical shell of a viscous, turbulent fluid. With thermodynamics and chemistry. She is obsessed with waves of all kinds, especially visible light and color.

Eric Hooper

608.890.0767 Eric Hooper is a research astronomer (basically physics applied to "up there") with interests in the supermassive black holes in the centers of distant galaxies. He likes to ski, travel, write, photograph, and is fascinated by dinosaurs and volcanoes. This picture shows him emerging from a hole inside a lava tube.

Bryan Schenker Bryan has worked with Susan in the Physics Learning Center since the very beginning. He has since graduated and runs his own company in Madison. He continues to teach with the PLC and runs sessions that meet later in the day.
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