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Publications Management System (EPMS) Instructions

Viewing Publications:
The URL for viewing all publications within the UW Physics Publications Management System is
The publications listings are sorted by date posted in reverse (newest first) order.
There are "group views" which can be accessed by appending "?group=" and the group abbreviation to the URL above. The current abbreviations are "ASTRO", "HEP" and "NPAC". For example, the URL for the NPAC group view is
You can also access group views by clicking on group names which appear within parentheses at the end of the "Posted" lines.
Individual publication listings can be viewed by clicking on their publications ID or by adding "?id=" and a publication ID to the base URL. For example, the URL for NPAC-09-02 is
For people who manage on-line publications listings, there are "person views" which allow them to see only the publications entered ("owned") by them. These views can be accessed by clicking on the login names which appear within the "Posted" lines, or by adding "?login=" and a UW NetID to the base URL. For example, to view all publications managed by "mramseymusol", use the following URL

Each publication in the system has various attributes: Group, PubID, Title, Authors, PubRef, three URLs, and a Posted date. The definition and usage of most of these attributes should be self-evident.
The "PubID" attribute should be in the form "GROUP-YY-NN" form where "YY" is the last two digits of the publication year and "NN" is the Nth publication by that group in the publcation year.
For "PubRef", the intent is to enter an academic journal reference or arXiv URL or similar reference.
The "Posted" attribute should be in the form "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm" date/time form. It can be used to force a publication to be listed at a specific point in time. For new publications, this attribute is automatically set to "now".

Managing Publications:
Publications are managed via "administrative interface" available at the folowing URL:
You can access the administrative interface by going to, clicking on "Departmental", and clicking on the Publications Management System (EPMS) link in the "Web Applications" section.

Authorization & Authentication: To get authorization to use the system (i.e. add/change/delete), send an email message requesting access to Please include your full name, association with the Physics Department and your UW NetID.
Authentication is done by UW NetID--you must have one to use the system.

Adding Publications:
You can add a new publication listing by clicking on the "Add Publication" button available within the administrative interface.

Changing Publications:
You can edit your own existing publications by clicking on the "Edit" button available below the publications listings within the administrative interface.

Deleting Publications:
You can delete your own publications by clicking on the "Delete" button available below the publications listings within the administrative interface.


Last updated: April 14 2009
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