Accessing the SMB filesystem with Linux

There are at least two ways to access the SMB network filesystem from Linux, GUI and command line.  Try GUI method first, but large files are slow to download, try the command line method.

Off-campus: Connect to WiscVPN first. Short instructions: install openconnect plugin for networkmanager. Then configure to use the gateway server "" .

Mounting with GUI file manager

In general, access // and enter your physics username and password. The username might have to have @PHYSICS.WISC.EDU after it.

The following example was illustrated using the Ubuntu 16.04 LiveCD:

Open "Files" on left, choose "Connect to Server". For Server Address enter smb:// , then "Connect".

Connect As "Registred User". Enter physics username followed by @PHYSICS.WISC.EDU for username.  Leave Domain unchanged.  Enter physics password.  Select "Connect".

Congratulations!  You should now see the filesystem contents!


Eject "smb on" using file manager.

Remove applicable credentials using the Gnome Keyring manager "Seahorse".

Mounting with CIFS kernel module

Initial setup

Edit /etc/fstab and add the following line, replacing $user with your physics account name:

# the following is a single line to add to /etc/fstab
// /smb cifs sec=krb5,username=$user@PHYSICS.WISC.EDU,user 0 0

Don't forget to create the mount point directory!


If you are connecting from off-campus you must first connect to WiscVPN.  Openconnect is a VPN client available in many distributions which works well. If you need help, please email

Once you have connected by WiscVPN or are connecting from on-campus follow these instructions:

Open a terminal while logged in as $user and get a kerberos ticket for $user@PHYSICS.WISC.EDU:

kinit $user@PHYSICS.WISC.EDU
mount /smb
ls /smb

Congratulations!  You should now see the filesystem contents!


Open a terminal and run:

umount /smb

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