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Astronomy Colloquium
The new world of Gamma Ray Astronomy
Date: Thursday, April 14th
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: 4421 Sterling Hall
Speaker: Lucy Fortson, University of Minnesota
Abstract: With the third generation ground-based gamma-ray telescopes delivering over a hundred new TeV emitting objects and with the new Fermi satellite providing greatly improved sensitivity in the GeV energy regime, gamma ray astronomy is entering a golden age. I will first review the basics of ground-based gamma-ray astronomy and the Air Cherenkov Telescope method of detection. I will then describe VERITAS - an array of four gamma ray telescopes located at Mt. Hopkins, Arizona - and some of the recent results from the first few years of the VERITAS observing program, paying attention to the observations of several new TeV emitting active galactic nuclei. I will close with a look at the future of ground-based gamma ray astronomy with the CTA - the proposed array of 36-100 Cherenkov Telescopes.
Host: Prof Andrew Sheinis
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