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Course Information

Professor Mark Rzchowski
5114 Chamberlin Hall

Office Hours
Wed. 11-12,1-2

Professor Teresa Montaruli
4112 Chamberlin Hall
Office Hours
Mon. 2-3:30

Office Discussion Lab (3254 Ch)
Amanda Gault
5206 Ch.

601-MW 8:50 am (2108 Ch)
604-MW 11:00 am (2120 Ch)

301-T 1:20 pm
304-W 12:00 pm

Peter Hyland
5206 Ch.
605-MW 9:55 pm (2108 Ch)
606-MW 12:05 pm (2112 Ch)
305-W 3:30 pm
306-W 7:05 pm
Saurabh Maiti
2302 Ch.
602-MW 3:30 pm (2108 Ch)
609-MW 12:05 pm (2108 Ch)
302-T 7:05 pm
309-R 7:05 pm
Siyuan Zhang
2308 Ch.
607-MW 7:45 am (2104 Ch)
608-MW 2:25 pm (2108 Ch)
307-R 8:50 am
308-R 1:20 pm



  • Physics for Scientists and Engineers
    with Modern Physics , 6th edition

    Randall Knight
    Pearson - Addison Wesley

This is the same book that you used last semester in Physics 207. Make sure you have the version that says 'With Modern Physics'. This has the material we cover in the last third of the course.

Lectures: 12:05 Tuesday and Thursday in 2103 Chamberlin Hall.
You may be called upon to answer questions in lecture and to assist with demonstrations.

Honors Lectures: 12:05 Friday in 2241 Chamberlin Hall.
These topical lectures are open to all, and are required if you have registered for honors.
Attendance will be taken for honors students. See syllabus for lecture topics.

Homework: Done online through the Mastering Physics Website .

Exams: Three evening midterm exams (in 2103 Ch), one final exam (location TBA).

Midterm Exam #1: Wed. Oct. 3, 5:30 - 7 pm
Midterm Exam #2: Wed. Oct. 31, 5:30 - 7 pm
Midterm Exam #3: Wed. Nov. 2, 5:30 - 7 pm
Final Exam: Fri. Dec. 21, 7:45 AM - 9:45 AM

Discussion Sections: Discussion sections are two times per week (Mondays and Wednesdays). They are most useful for help on HW, lecture topics, and exam preparation. Discussion sections start Wednesday, Sep. 5. There will be one short (~15 min) quiz in discussion section each week, usually on Monday, and one group problem. Both will cover materials from the previous week's lecture.

Laboratories: Laboratories are three hours long, once per week. Labs start week of Sep. 10.
There are ten labs this semester. You must complete at least nine of them, or you will receive a failing grade for the entire course. If you complete only nine of them, the entire lab portion of your grade will be reduced by 30%. Missed labs can be made up with an approved excuse (this needs to be a good one!), and your TA's approval. Labs can be made up during an alternate lab period that same week with your own or a different TA (best solution), or during the week of the immediately following exam (when there is no scheduled lab). This means, for instance, that after the week of the first exam, you can no longer make up lab #1. The message here is you should complete all the labs!

Homework 10% Online through Mastering Physics
Laboratory 10% Grade based on participation and lab question sheets.
Discussion 10% Discussion participation, group problems and quizzes.
Midterm Exam 1 15% Wed. Oct. 3, 5:30-7 pm in 2103 Chamberlin
Midterm Exam 2 15% Wed. Oct. 31, 5:30-7 pm in 2103 Chamberlin
Midterm Exam 3 15% Wed., Nov. 28, 5:30-7 pm in 2103 Chamberlin
Final 25% Fri. Dec. 21, 7:45 am-9:45 am, location TBA


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