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Syllabus, Spring 2009

Reading assignments are from the course textbooks, T&M = authors Tipler & Mosca 6th ed, T&L = authors Tipler and Llewellyn 5th ed. If you are using a different edition chapter numbers can differ slightly.

Mon Lecture
Wed Lecture
Fri Lecture
Week 1


Jan 21, Montaruli
Introduction, Oscillations & resonance

Read T&M Ch 14

Jan 23, Montaruli

Oscillations and Waves
Read T&M Ch 15 (no 15.5)

No lab
Intro HW1 due Tue 1/31
Oscillations and waves
Week 2
Jan 26, Montaruli
Superposition of waves

Read T&M Ch 15-16-Start Ch 33
Jan 28, Montaruli

Read T&M Ch 33

Jan 30, Montaruli

Read T&M Ch 33

Lab 1: S-2,SC-1
HW2 due
Tue 2/3
Interference & Diffraction
Week 3
Feb 2, Montaruli
De Broglie, Matter waves, Photoelectric effect
Read T&L Ch 5, Ch 3.3
Feb 4, Montaruli
Wave packets and Probability, Uncertainty Principle
Read T&L Ch 5
Feb 6, Everett
Schroedinger equation in 1D, particle in a box
Read T&L Ch 6

Lab 2: LC-1
HW3 due
Tue 2/10
Matter waves
Week 4
Exam 1

Feb 9, Everett
Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, Tunnel effect Read T&L Ch 6

Feb 11, Montaruli
Exam Review

Feb 13, Montaruli

Makeup labs:

HW4 due
Tue. 2/17
Exam review
Week 5

Feb 16, Montaruli
Electric charge
Read T&M Ch 21
Feb 18, Montaruli
Electric Field
Read T&L Ch 22

Feb 20, Montaruli
Calculation of Electric Field using Coulomb's law, start Gauss' Law
Read T&M
Ch 22

Lab 3: Wave-Particle Duality

HW5 due
Tue. 2/24
Schroedinger equation and Electric Force and Field
Week 6
Feb 23, Montaruli
Electric potential energy
Read T&M Ch 23
Feb 25, Montaruli
Gauss' Law Applications and Electric potential - Electric field relation
Read T&M Ch 22-23

Feb 27, Montaruli
Capacitance & dielectrics
Read T&M Ch 24
Lab 4: EC-2 Electric Fields
HW6 due
Tue. 3/3
Gauss' law and Electric Potential
Week 7

Mar 2, Montaruli
Electrostatics exam review, atomic spectroscopy T&M Ch 24

Mar 4, Everett
H-atom, Bohr model
Read T&L Ch 4

Mar 6, Everett
Energy levels, X-ray, 3D Schroedinger equation
Read T&L Ch 4

Lab 5: L-5 Balmer

HW7 due
Tue. 3/10

Capacitance and Potential energy, H-atom

Week 8 Exam 2
Mar 9, Everett
Schroedinger equation for central potential
Read T&L Ch 7

Mar 11, Everett
Exam review

Mar 13, Everett

Makeup labs:
Wave-Particle duality, EC-2,L-5

HW8 due
Tue. 3/24
Schroedinger eq. for H atom, exam review
Week 9
Spring Break
Mar 16

Mar 18

Mar 20
Week 10

Mar 23, Everett
Quantization of angular momentum, Electron Spin
Read T&L Ch 7
Mar 25, Montaruli
More on Spin, Spin-orbit effect, Larmor precession
Read T&L Ch 7

Mar 27, Montaruli
Exclusion Principle, Radioactivity, Nuclear Force Read T&L Ch 11

Lab 6: MPC-1 interaction radiation -matter

HW9 due
Tue. 3/31
Multi-electron atoms and electron spin
Week 11
Mar 30, Montaruli
Radioactivity, Nuclear Force Read T&L Ch 11

Apr 1, Montaruli Current and Resistance, Ohm's law
Read T&M Ch 25

Apr 3, Montaruli
Resistors & RC circuits
Read T&M Ch 25

Lab 7: EC-3 DC Circuits

HW10 due
Tue. 4/7

Nuclear Physics and radioactivity, DC Circuits

Week 12
Apr 6, Montaruli
Magnetic Field and Force
Read T&M Ch 26

Apr 8, Everett
Magnetic Forces, Torque on Current Loop
Read T&M Ch 26

Apr 10, Everett
Biot-Savart Law
Read T&M Ch 27

Lab 8: E-4 Magnetic Fields
HW11 due
Tue. 4/14
Magnetic Forces
Week 13

Apr 13, Everett
Ampere's Law
Read T&M Ch 27

Apr 15, Everett
Magnetic induction
 Read T&M Ch 28

Apr 17, Everett
Magnetic induction, Inductance
Read T&M Ch 28

Lab 9: Frank & Hertz

HW12 due
Tue. 4/21
Magnetic Fields
Week 14
Exam 3
Apr 20, Everett
 Inductance, RL Circuits, Displacement Current
 Read T&M Ch 28, 30.1

Apr 22, Everett
Exam Review

Apr 24, Everett

Makeup labs:
MPC-1,EC-3, E-4, Franck & Hertz
HW13 due
Tue. 4/28
Exam review, Magnetic Induction

Week 15

Apr 27, Everett
Maxwell Equations and EM waves
Read T&M Ch 30

Apr 29, Everett
Maxwell equations and EM waves

Read T&M Ch 30

May 1, Everett
EM Waves, properties of light polarization
Read T&M Ch 31.4

Lab 10: EC-5 Magnetic Induction
HW14 due
Thurs. 5/9
EM waves and light
Week 16
May 4, Everett
Particle Physics
Read T&L Ch 12

May 6, Everett
Special Topic on Modern Physics

May 8, Everett
Final Exam Review
Lab 11: L-5
Make up labs: EC-5

Special Topics

Final Exam:

Monday, May 11 (2:45 pm to 4:45 pm)

Room Van Vleck B239


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