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Department of Physics
Undergraduate Students

Physics 301: Physics Today 

An undergraduate seminar covering current research topics.

The topics covered are from the main research areas of the department are presented by volunteer faculty and scientists from the department.


Particle Physics

Nuclear Physics

Plasma Physics

Quantum Optics

Condensed Matter Physics


Physics 207-208 or equivalent.

A series of weekly presentations and discussions of current research topics in physics by the scientists involved in those studies. this course is designed to expose students to the topics and excitement of the research frontier. Each lecture will be given by a different researcher who will describe his/her field and his/her own work. Opportunities will be offered for students to become involved in research work. This course is designed to help foster contact between students and faculty to enable opportunties for independent study, directed study, or senior thesis projects with faculty in subsequent semesters. Students will learn about a broad variety of physics research and how this research is carried out.

Recommended Text
Invitation to Contemporary Physics, Q. Ho-Kim, N. Kumar & C.S. Lam,
World ScientificPress, 1991.

The students are expected to provide a writeup describing a particular piece of physics research being actively pursued this year. The paper is expected to be about 7 to 10 pages long. The primary resource for this paper is the  Physics Dept. Library.


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