Advisor & Other Contact Information



Michael Winokur  (ON SABBATICAL SPRING 2017 - Please contact the one of the others)
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
5106 Chamberlin Hall
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
4209 Chamberlin Hall
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
6207 Chamberlin Hall
Advanced Placement & Honors: Michael Winokur
Physics Club Advisor: Dan McCammon
Curriculum Committee Chair: Mark Rzchowski
Physics Major Curriculum Committee Chair: Duncan Carlsmith
Non-Phyics Major Curriculum Committee Chair: Peter Timbie

Physics Learning Center: Susan Nossal | 2334 Chamberlin Hall | 262.9107 |

Physics Library: Kerry Kresse | 4220 Chamberlin Hall | 262.9500 |

Physics Club: University Physical Society (UPS) | 2328 Chamberlin Hall | 263.2805 |

Course Enrollment

If you are having problems with Physics course registration, please contact Undergraduate Services, Allison Tredinnick. Course instructors in introductory classes do not make decisions about prioritizing students on a registration waitlist. Some exceptions are made for students to move into a different lab or discussion section at the discretion of TAs. Such questions should be addressed to the instructor of record who should be identified by using the UW timetable.

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