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Re: 3*0.0 in FORMAT free I/O

brooker@toka.ireq-ccfm.hydro.qc.ca wrote: 
>I have an ASCII output file produced by a FORTRAN program running on one   
>the Livermore CRAYs. The output was written with FREE FORMAT format. One   
of the 
>variables has 0.0 as the value for its first three elements. When you 
>look at the file at the appropriate place, instead of seeing "0.0, 0.0,   
>you see "3*0.0"     
>Has anybody ever ran into this "*" format? 
This is standard FORTRAN. 
You can even have a line like 
read(*) a ! with a(10) = real, say 
Then the first three elements of a will be left unchanged. 
The n* is called a "null input field": the above is equivalent to 
but IDL won't understand that either. 
If this is likely to be a common problem, perhaps you should write a PERL   
procedure to translate the data. 
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