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Re: IDL Survey Comments

> gotwols@strdev.jhuapl.edu (Bruce Gotwols) writes:
> [comments deleted]
>>I must agree that many of the older, "core" routines don't work very well:
>>   map_set, map_continents, contour, ...
>>So I get upset with the development of new features while the
>>old ones sit around gathering dust.  A friend of my is fond
>>of saying that "software left unattended rots!"
>>Is anyone listening out there?
>>Andrew F. Loughe (afl@cdc.noaa.gov)

I am listening and I agree with You, too.
Because of this I send last week a detailed letter to our 
German distributor (CreaSo) of IDL, to think about the 
philosophy of IDL in the future, together with RSI.

IDL has a chance, if it is humble enough to learn from many
PD-Products (GNU-Plot, VIS5D, XVGR) and from professional,
but relative cheap (campus licences) products as NCARGraphics, 
EXCEL, Explorer, AVS, Performer ... how to serve his users with
good GUIs and stable modules.

Let's hope the best for IDL 7.0 (thinking like Bill Gates)

Dr. Andreas Oberreuter
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