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IDL wish list (continued)

    In the great Age of the Web (catch it quick, it may be over next
year), it seems odd
a package with all the graphics format capabilities and anaimation
functionality of IDL
doesn't have:

1. /INTERLEAVED and /TRANSPARENT = color keywords for WRITE_GIF,

2. WRITE_QUICKTIME (with a /FLATTENED keyword for making flattened movies
on Macs
    could then be used on other systems), and


    Maybe WRITE_JAVA_SCRIPT could then follow....

    Thinking wishfully,

                  Joe Gurman

P.S. We currently generate ~ 10 Mbyte of material for the Web using IDL on
platforms every day.

J.B. Gurman / Solar Physics Branch/ NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/
Greenbelt MD 20771 USA / joseph.b.gurman@gsfc.nasa.gov
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| work. Therefore, any opinions expressed herein are somebody else's.   |