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Re: Hearsay and rumors about IDL 5.0

Liam Gumley wrote:
> Some stuff I heard recently:
> - IDL 5.0 will be released in 4th quarter 1996
> - It will include a point-and-click interface for beginners
> - Printing will be simplified, more along the lines of WYSIWYG
> - There will be some kind of database interface
> - It will use OpenGL for 3D graphics (will use hardware if available)
> - Mapping support will be improved
> - Manuals will be revised
> - A book on IDL is in the works

I have heard some of these.
'Never heard that a book is in the works,
or that a database interface is being considered.

For me personally, it would be great if 
global mapping really was improved, but 
I am skeptical after 5 frustrating years
using map_set and a broken contour program.

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