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Re: IDL & Win95 -- arrggh

mallozzi@ssl.msfc.nasa.gov wrote:
> > How about long procedure names?  I would think this would be even worse
> > than the long data file names...stuff deleted ...  
> This *really* irks me, because IDL uses as one of their major selling
> points that it is portable across many platforms, including Win95.
> In my opinion, IDL is NOT compatible with Win95, and RSI should not
> state that it is. OK, ranting and raving over...
> -bob

I beg to agree.  WHen I came to Varian (see .sig) from VMS I told my boss 
that I know IDL, have used it for ages, have tonnes of software etc, so that 
I can easily start calculating stuff etc. Was I surprised.  

Release 4 was also buggy.  No printing of programs or graphics.  Sometimes I 
really wonder whether we have any protection from software releases like 
this. Maybe getting V5 for free or half price. The only reason I would want 
to get V5 is to get long file names and removal of printing problems. 

I better stop now...
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