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Freelook image viewer available

RSI has released a freely available image viewer
name Freelook (check out http://www.rsinc.com/pubs/pr/freelook.htm).
It seems to be fairly useful for viewing binary images
(you tell it how may lines, pixels, bands, and the data type).

The version that RSI has on their FTP site at
ftp://ftp.rsinc.com/pub/freelook is quite massive (25 MB) so I
just extracted the SAVE file and I've made it available at

Now folks, I didn't write it, I don't work for RSI, and I take
no responsibility for any use or mis-use of Freelook.
I just thought you might find it useful.


PS The redesigned RSI Web site has a "IDL 5.0" title in at
least one spot, which is a good sign I suppose.