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Re: [Q] Compiling CLAPACK in CodeWarrior

While at Research Systems, I  helped port the CBLAS from CLAPACK to
CodeWarrier.  Whoever developed the CBLAS code translated iit from the
original fortran with f2c and  then did some hand changes.  These changes were
sloppily done, and CodeWarrier caught a bunch of errors.  On most platforms,
the errors are ignored and benign, so the code runs ok.  We had to fix the
errors to make CodeWarrier happy.  I can imagine that a similar process would
have to happen to port CLAPACK.

John P. Garner wrote:

> Lou Pecora wrote:
> >
> > Have you ever successfully compiled CLAPACK source into a library in
> > Codewarrior?
> >
> > I just downloaded CLAPACK and bought the LAPACK guide.  I want to create
> > the CLAPACK library in Codewarrior on my Macintosh, but all instructions
> > are for UNIX makes and it really looks difficult.  I will give it a shot,
> > but information or tips from anyone who has already done this would be
> > greatly appreciated.  I will post all helpful replies.
>         I was never very successful with my attempt to compile the CLAPACK
> library with CodeWarrior. There were many compiler warnings and errors
> which had to be resolved. The proceedure which was successful consisted
> of compiling the LAPACK library using the Absoft Pro Fortran compiler
> and calling the LAPACK routines from C. This can be done since the
> object files produced by the Absoft compiler can be included in the
> CodeWarrior project files. The Absoft compiler had no problems with the
> LAPACK code. Another possibility is to form your own version of CLAPACK
> using MacF2C and LAPACK rather than using CLAPACK which used the UNIX
> f2c program and LAPACK.
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