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Re: Q: debuggging widget applications in IDL 5

> Mark Rivers wrote:
> >Jack Saba (jackxxx@magusxxx.stx.com) writes:
> >>
> >> Is there any way to get IDL to behave the way it did in IDL 4, or at
> >> least to tell you where the error occurred? I tried using the new
> >> CATCH=0 option on the XMANAGER statement, but either I haven't figured
> >> out how to use it, or this isn't the solution.
> >
> In IDL 5 there is a /no_block keyword to XMANAGER.  If you set this keyword it
> does 2 things:
>     1) Gives you access to the IDL command prompt even when your widget
>        application is running
>     2) Produces the old IDL 4 behaviour when your widget application gets an
>        error, i.e. gives you a traceback to where the error occurred
> Item 1) above is documented of course, but I don't recall seeing item 2)
> documented.  In any event I like both of these behaviours, so I always use
> /no_block.

I wasn't aware that the /no_block keyword caused this behavior (#2).
Perhaps this only works under Solaris 2.X, but I put


in our idl_startup file, and we get "IDL 4-like" behavior when errors
occur, whether or not the keyword /NO_BLOCK was used (some of our
applications require its absence).


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