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Re: idl process id

> > IDL> result=call_external('/lib/libc.so.1.9','getpid')

> Does anyone know how to get this to work on a DEC alpha?
> I can't find a shared object version of libc in my /lib
> directory.

Look in /shlib instead:

IDL> result=call_external('/shlib/libc.so','getpid')
IDL> print,result 

With the easy-going way of adding new system routines that I found 
two days ago, just compile the below included C-code into a 
shareable object file (remember to link in $IDL_DIR/bin/bin.alpha),
initialize with

IDL> print,call_external('gmain.so','addmain')

and then you go:

IDL> print,getpid()

(This is perhaps not a good example of this utility - since it's
possible to do this with a single-line call_external statement,
but it does illustrate how easy it is to expand IDL by adding
"built-in" routines that are able to return honest-to-RSI *variables*).


Stein Vidar


#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "export.h"


IDL_VPTR GETPID(int argc, IDL_VPTR argv[])
  IDL_VPTR tmp = IDL_Gettmp();

  if (tmp==NULL_VPTR) {
		"Couldn't create temporary variable");
  tmp->type = IDL_TYP_LONG;
  tmp->value.l = getpid();

  return tmp;

IDL_SYSFUN_DEF main_def[] = {{(IDL_FUN_RET) GETPID,"GETPID",  0, 0}};

IDL_LONG addmain(int argc,char *argv[])
  IDL_AddSystemRoutine(main_def,IDL_TRUE,1); /* Just add getpid */
  return 0;