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PS_FORM, other new IDL programs available


I have made some IDL programs available on my web page that others may
find useful.  Each program contains extensive documentation and
examples you can try.


* PS_FORM - dialog to configure PostScript output - "CM" version 
* XWINDOW - resizable graphics window - "CM" version 

These are based on, but heavily modified versions of, David Fanning's
programs.  This May 1998 version of PS_FORM has better integrated
support for choosing paper sizes, especially European paper sizes.
You can configure predefined page layouts for consistent printouts
every time.  If you use XWINDOW, I suggest downloading it too, since
XWINDOW has changed.

* Plotting Programs
  PLOTIMAGE.PRO - displays an image using a PLOT-like interface 
  OPLOTIMAGE.PRO - overlays an image on an existing plot 
  PLOTCOLORFILL.PRO - plots colorful bar charts 
  PLOTCUBE.PRO - plots three dimensional data that can be printed and folded 

Various nifty programs to display images conveniently and with the
proper axes; to make bar charts; and a whimsical program that
constructs a three dimension cube that you print, cut out, and
assemble!  You also need to download a few auxiliary programs, which
are listed on the web page too.

Hope they are useful!


Craig B. Markwardt, Ph.D.         EMAIL: craigmnet@astrog.physics.wisc.edu
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