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Re: PostScript and IDL,

David Fanning writes

>   The big issue for us is what tradeoffs are users willing
>   to make in order to get scalable PostScript output. They
>   will have to give up speed/memory/filesize or WYSIWYG to
>   get the type of PS they are looking for....

Thanks David, this is the first indication I have seen of WHY Object
Graphics printer output is done the way it is.

Many IDL users (eg myself) don't (yet) understand the issues here. Some of
use spend most of our time in IDL generating flat line graphs, where these
issues don't really arise. (We don't use IDL for this purpose because it's
particularly good at generating flat line graphs, but because it's so good
at generating numbers.) The message we want to get across to RSI technical
and marketing staff is that we DO want scalable, embeddable Postscript
output SOMEHOW.

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