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Re: subpixel image movement by bicubic interpolation?

In article <35757C9B.5E9AD577@as.arizona.edu>,
  Dyer Lytle <dlytle@as.arizona.edu> wrote:
> Hello all
> I have an IDL program that requires images to be moved by
> very small amounts, often as little as one hundredth of a
> pixel.
> So I thought I'd ask if anyone has a sub-pixel image movement
> routine based on bicubic interpolation that they would be willing
> to share.

Here's a couple of items of interest for image processing:

1) You are not moving the image by 1/100 pixel -- you are increasing your
measurement uncertainty by 1/100 pixel.

2) *ALL* image interpolation methods introduce non-physical artifacts.

For your particular case, I recommend that you hike across the street and talk
to Bobby Hunt (hunt@ece.arizona.edu). He could give you some suggestions on
what to do with your data.

Ed Meinel

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