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Help with constrained fit in IDL

Hi all,

I have written some IDL code to fit our data with a power law and it
works fine. Now I am trying to constrain the fit to use a specific value
of an exponent and only vary the factor in front of the expression. I
cannot get this to work properly, and I think it should be simpler
than I am making it out to be. I figure this is due to my relative
inexperience with the FUNCT keyword and how the data fitting is done
in IDL. Can anyone give me a hint for proceeding with performing a fit
to data that constrains one of the factors to a specific value?

Thanks for any pointers that are given.

George Lengel		             mailto:lengel@lps.umd.edu
Laboratory for Physical Sciences  OR mailto:lengel@glue.umd.edu
University of Maryland
***I certainly do not speak for LPS or UMd in any capacity******