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Re: Attention PV-WAVE Users - Announcing the IDL Trade Up Program!

VNI believes this is a userís forum and has refrained from posting marketing /
pricing information here.

VNI does not believe that IDL is an upgrade to our PV-WAVE product.  If youíre
interested in more accurate information about VNI and our software solutions,
come visit our web site at http://www.vni.com

I apologize for taking up the bandwidth of this group with this thread.

Information wrote:

> Attention PV-WAVE users!
> Research Systems is now offering a limited-time IDL Trade Up Program. This
> program gives all current PV-WAVE users the opportunity to upgrade to IDL,
> the flagship data analysis and visualization environment from Research
> Systems. IDL offers a compatible language plus features like an integrated
> development environment, OpenGL-based graphics, and much more. Now, you can
> upgrade your existing PV-WAVE license to IDL with special, limited time
> pricing.
> The "Trade Up To IDL" web page at http://www.rsinc.com/tradeup describes
> many of the exciting new features added to IDL 5.0 and 5.1 that make this
> data visualization leader a tremendous value. For example, IDL users not
> only get the same traditional Direct Graphics found in PV-WAVE, but also
> the OpenGL-based Object Graphics for powerful interactivity. To take
> advantage of the IDL Trade Up Program, contact sales@rsinc.com or visit the
> Trade Up To IDL web page at http://www.rsinc.com/tradeup for pricing.
> Trade up now to the power of IDL!

Ed Kase
Sales Director
Visual Numerics, Inc.
+1 303 245 5411 (voice)
+1 303 245 5300 (FAX)