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DO_APPLE_SCRIPT questions...

Another question as I try to move some of my Unix IDL code 
to my Powerbook for you Mac using IDL'ers:

I'd like IDL to print a Postscript file to a printer, given 
the filename of the PS file (as a string variable in the 
IDL code).  What would be the easiest way to accomplish 
this?  Currently I use a SPAWN command for Unix, but 
this won't work under the Mac.  Is there some variant 
to use, or can someone provide some insight into how 
one could cook up an Applescript solution to this that 
could be called from *within* the IDL program (I 
don't want to use Applescript to run the IDL program 

Thanks a lot!

-- Greg

 Gregory G. Arkos          Institute for Space Research
 arkos@NOSPAMphys.ucalgary.ca    Department of Physics and Astronomy
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