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Re: MPEG file creation

Robert Pina (rpina@astro.ufl.edu) writes:

> I am running IDL5.1 under Windows NT 4.0 and am trying to create an MPEG
> file. I have a set of images which I can load and play using XINTERANIMATE.
> Everything looks fine. I then push the "Write MPEG" button. Again, everything
> looks ok with the file being written to disk. However, when I try to play the
> file back using a QuickTime Movie Player, I get an error saying it cannot
> open the file. When I try to insert the MPEG file into a Microsoft Powerpoint
> 97 Slide presentation, I get a message saying Powerpoint found an error that
> it can't correct. I've also tried creating the MPEG file using the MPEG_OPEN,
> MPEG_PUT, MPEG_SAVE, and MPEG_CLOSE procedures as described in the IDL5.1
> help and I still have no success reading the file back. Has anyone
> successfully created an MPEG file under IDL5.1 directly or using

I've tried this today on my Windows NT machine and I
find that I can't open the resulting MPEG movie file
in my QuickTime for Windows, version I found
I *could* open and play the file, however, in my
Microsoft ActiveMovie Control, version 1.0. I don't 
really know what to make of this, but I thought I would
ask the folks at RSI about it and report anything I 
find here.



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