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Re: Requested improvement to QROMB

mvukovic@my-dejanews.com wrote:

> I hit upon the following problem when using QROMB.  The routine that
> is being integrated used to get its parameters via keywords.
> Well, QROMB is not only oblivious but hostile to that, as it does
> not support _extra keywords.  Thus my solution was to use the venerable
> common block.
> I'll put in a request to RSI to allow the _extra behavior to QROMB and other
> such routines.
> Any other suggestions before I do that?
> Mirko

 Two suggestions:

(1)  Allowing the user-supplied function to accept _EXTRA keywords would also
be useful for other programs, such as QSIMP, QROMO, LMFIT and SVDFIT

(2)  All these programs could be  many times faster, if the user -supplied
functions were allowed  to be vectorized!       It  goes against all my IDL
training to have to write functions that must a accept a scalar input and
return a scalar value.

--Wayne Landsman