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[Object IDL] self-documenting objects ...

I have created a number of potentially useful objects that I wish
to share with others.  Of course I have documented the code and
written a nice comment header but it would be nice to access help
online.  Thus, I have adopted the convention of coding a "help"
method procedure for every object I write, viz.

	myobj = obj_new('myobject')
	myobj -> help

Rather than having to duplicate documentation in this method
*and* the code header, can I not simply display the source
header to the user?  This approach has the benefit of encouraging
the IDL programmer to write well-documented code headers.
Comments on this convention?

Question:  how can I locate the source file assuming that
I know the file name (myobject__define.pro) and that it
is located in the IDL_PATH?  (IDL's filepath procedure
gives incorrect info for user written routines.)

Any help is much appreciated.


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