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Re: Robust curve fitting (BUG)

I found a small bug in MPFIT.PRO.  It only bites in certain
circumstances.  Specifically, if you fix some parameters, and place
bounding constraints on other parameters, then the fit procedure can
finish too soon, before the parameters have converged.  

A new corrected version is on my web page, listed below.  


> >> 
> >> I recently had an opportunity to translate the MINPACK-1 curve-fitting
> >> package into IDL.  MINPACK is a minimization package available from
> >> netlib, and has an excellent reputation.  I have found that it is much
> >> more robust, able to cope with singular matrices, etc.  Since people
> >> have been requesting, I polished it up a little bit, and am making it
> >> available via my IDL web page:
> >> 
> >> http://astrog.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl/idl.html

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