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Research Systems Announces Availability of IDL 5.1.1

Research Systems Announces Availability of IDL 5.1.1

IDL 5.1.1 is now available for download from Research Systems' anonymous
ftp site, ftp.rsinc.com, in the directory /pub/idl.  The following is a
summary of the enhancements and corrections from IDL 5.1, released in May

LSODE: Two keywords were added to LSODE function to better control

Printer DEVICE Routine: A keyword was added to the Printer DEVICE routine
to allow for the return of the page in device units.  In addition, the
following keywords have been introduced to the Printer DEVICE routine:

PCOMP Function: The PCOMP function now returns correct results when called
without using the COEFFICIENTS keyword. This corrects a problem in IDL 5.1.

READ_TIFF: The READ_TIFF function now reads PhotoShop 5.0 TIFF files.

MPEG Object: The IDLgrMPEG Object how handles odd dimensions.
Documentation: Corrections and clarifications have been made to the on-line

Note: The list of supported platforms for IDL 5.1.1 is identical to that of
5.1. There are, however,  significant changes planned for the IDL 5.2
release, scheduled for later this year. Note that the minimum version of
several of the operating systems are being increased to allow for new IDL

In addition, IDL 5.1.1 will be the last release of IDL for SunOS (Solaris

IDL 5.1.1 Supported             IDL 5.2 Supported	
Operating Systems               Operating Systems

Digital OpenVMS 6.2, 7.1        Digital OpenVMS7.1 - 8.0	
Digital Unix 4.0                Digital Unix 4.0	
HP/UX 10.1                      HP/UX 10.20 - 11.0	
IBM AIX 4.1                     IBM AIX 4.3 - 4.5	
Linux (Intel) 2.0               Linux (Intel) 2.0.18	
SGI Irix 5.3                    SGI Irix 6.2 - 6.5	
SUN Solaris 2.5                 SUN Solaris 2.6	
SUN Solaris1(SunOS) 4.1.3       
Microsoft Windows 95            Microsoft Windows 95
                                Microsoft Windows 98	
(Intel)MS Windows NT4.0         (Intel)MS Windows NT4.0
(DEC Alpha) MS Windows NT4.0    (DEC Alpha) MS Windows NT4.0	
Apple MacOS 7.1.2               Apple MacOS 8.1	

ENVI 3.0 users, please be aware that the ENVI is built on is IDL 5.03 and
should not be replaced by IDL 5.1.1.

Research Systems, Inc.
Web: www.rsinc.com
FTP area: ftp.rsinc.com
Email: info@rsinc.com