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Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

(The shareware site sounds like a good thing.)

The command grabber/replayer should be very useful.
However, I think there are some frequently-occurring situations when
this would not be the method of choice for generating a hard copy, e.
> * plot, <very complicated, time-consuming expression> ,or
> * plot,y & y=some_function(y) & oplot,y ; if you replay this, then y                                           ; will be further modified.

Plotting object graphics instead of direct graphics would do it, but
then, as I understand it, all the nice IDL commands (plot, contour,
surface, xyouts,..., with their numerous optional keywords) are not
available but would have to be programmed in terms of atoms.

The really effective, neat solution would be if IDL would make it so
that all the usual commands can be used to plot into an object graphic
or (almost the same thing, I suppose)
if, when plotting direct graphics to the screen, one could optionally
have the resulting graphic vector primitives stored in a buffer for
subsequent rendering on a hard-copy device.

Maybe, I we shout loud enough here, IDL will see the light and implement
it in the next version?

- Kristian