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Re: Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

Kristian Kjaer (kristian.kjaer@risoe.dk) writes:

> Maybe, I we shout loud enough here, IDL will see the light and implement
> it in the next version?

The next version!? I think not. But we can always hope for
the version after that. I personally don't see it happening
at all, although I do hold out hope that the direct
and object graphics might become more integrated, 
especially with respect to PostScript output.

If object printing problems are resolved, I see everyone
migrating to object graphics functions over time. The only
real drawback is that we need more high-level plotting tools
so we don't have to write two pages of code every time we
want to do something simple. Live tools are the right idea,
but for reasons that I don't even fully understand I really
don't like to use them. Perhaps because I can't see the
code to understand and modify how they work. But when
I work with them I find myself becoming increasingly
annoyed rather than increasingly satisfied. "My God, things
just don't lay out in the window properly!" Perhaps I
should see a code shrink. :-)



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