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Re: Double Slider

In article <36782319.60268892@news1.alterdial.uu.net>,
  lbryanNOSPAM@arete-az.com (Lisa Bryan) wrote:
> Hello all,
> A while back someone showed the group a nicely functional double
> slider he had written.  I have a use for this, but cannot remember the
> author, and I haven't saved the reference.  If anyone can help me out,
> I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!
> Lisa Bryan
> Arete Associates
> lbryan@arete-az.com
> Arete Associates
> Tucson, Arizona
> lbryan@arete-az.com

Here's the author and address: ;
* ;+ ; NAME: ;	CW_DoubleSlide ; ; PURPOSE: ;  A compound widget to select a
range of values with two sliders. One slider ;	contols the minimum value of
a range and the other the maximum. When the ;  Minimum Slide is moved, the
new minimum value updates the allowed minimum ;  of the Maximum Slider.
Conversely, when the Maximum Slider is moved, the ;  new maximum value
becomes the top end of the Minimum Slide. ;  COMMENT: If RSI supplied a
double slider this would not be needed! :) ; ; AUTHOR: ;  Douglas J. Larson,
Ph.D. ;  Space Radiation Lab ;	Mail Code: 220-47 ;  California Institute of
Technology ;  Pasadena, California  91125 ;  Email: djl@srl.caltech.edu

If you'd like I'll e-mail it to you.

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