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Re: Breaking on Math Warnings?

I just found the answer to my own question. Sorry for taking up bandwidth.
The key command to use is CHECK_MATH().  Although I now need to
see if it works for finding convergence errors as when using the Guass2DFit
(convergence errors are not listed in the table of returned math errors
in the HELP menu on CHECK_MATH() ).

Scott Norton wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how to have a program "break" on math warnings in
> IDL?
> For instance, if Gauss2Dfit doesn't converge, how can I "respond" to
> that warning?
> Or,
> If I get a "% Program caused arithmetic error: Floating underflow", how
> do I "check"
> for this?
> The CATCH procedure explicitely says that it does not "catch" these
> types of errors...
> "Calling CATCH establishes an error handler for the current procedure
> that intercepts all errors that can be handled by IDL, excluding
> non-fatal warnings such as math errors."
> Thanks!
> -Scott
> Scott_Norton@surromed.com