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Re: Breaking on Math Warnings?

check_math() won't report convergence errors. It only reports your computer
system's integer and floating point errors.

If you want to see what gauss2dfit does in the event of non-convergence, you
can read the source code (gauss2df.pro ?)  in the library.  You'll probably
need to read the required curvefit.pro as well.

Good hunting


G. Scott Lett, Ph.D.
Scientific Computing, Numerical Analysis

Scott Norton <norton@optics.rochester.edu> wrote in message
>I just found the answer to my own question. Sorry for taking up bandwidth.
>The key command to use is CHECK_MATH().  Although I now need to
>see if it works for finding convergence errors as when using the Guass2DFit
>(convergence errors are not listed in the table of returned math errors
>in the HELP menu on CHECK_MATH() ).