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Re: Special Functions

In article <36968D4B.7A653317@students.wisc.edu>, Jim Truitt <jltruitt@students.wisc.edu> writes:
>Does anyone know of a source of .pro files that generate special
>functions in IDL?  I am looking in particular for Legendre
>polynomials, and it would be useful if there existed a site that
>contained things of that sort.
You could use my library, it has Legendre polynamials and lots of 
other stuff.

What you need to do is:

1)  Anonymous FTP to cars3.uchicago.edu
2)  Once there, do CD to MIDL
3)  Download all the *.pro files.  That's important, all  of them.  
This is a rather tightly integrated library and nearly anything you 
may pick will be calling something else from the library.
4)  You may also download AAA_MIDL.TXT, an ASCII file with a listing 
and brief explanation of the library.  Beyond this, every routine 
comes with an extensive header explaining all that's needed.  You can 
read the headers directly or access them using DOC_LIBRARY

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